With Cameras Clicking, New Bata Uniform Arrives in Czech Stores

Lights, camera, action! Bata store teams were encouraged to get cheeky with a photo contest launched in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for the arrival there of the first global uniform.

Retail manager Tomas Novotny spearheaded his department’s organization of the recent contest, which proved popular and effective in getting staff in the groove of their new look. The initiative involved all Bata stores in the two countries.

Store teams were asked to send in photos of themselves wearing the new uniform with as much sass as possible.

By empowering the team with style, Bata is creating brand ambassadors who can engage customers and create a stronger experience for them. The contest was a way to roll out the style boost while involving everyone in stores.

The success was immediate, as all the store teams jumped in and worked together to come up with bold ideas. The people in stores were engaged and entertained, and that sometimes included customers!

It sent a strong message that, in Bata stores, style is here to stay.

Jana Rychecka, manager of the Flagship store in Prague’s Wenceslas Square, commented, “The teams really had a lot of fun and came out with very diverse and creative ways to celebrate the implementation of the new uniform. It was a really upbeat activity and got a lot of people talking about the new uniform, not only in the stores.”

Novotny added, “I believe this launch has been a great opportunity as a way to make the new uniforms a moment for teams to connect and also a new way of communicating with our customers. So I asked teams to send a creative photo from their location. Based on the pictures, we can see there was a lot of fun in the stores and also in the cities! I am really glad to see that our people spent some extra time and energy on this.“

Bata World News is pleased to announce the winners of the contest: Anna Novakova, who works at the Bata store in Prague’s Metropole Shopping Center, and the whole team of a Bata store (51130) in Brno.

The photos were judged for their creativity, humor and cheekiness. Click through to see just a few of the many outstanding entries.