We Are Bata People: Thammathorn Puwat Sends In a Selfie

Last week Bata World News received a special submission for We Are Bata People. Almost all the departments from Bata Thailand's headquarters took time out of their lunch break to get together and take a selfie for us. Thammathorn Puwat explained the photo and how much he appreciates how tightly knit the team there is.

How do you fit into the Bata world?

I’m an online sales and marketing executive at Bata Thailand who manages the overall e-commerce site. I work closely with the marketing team to plan and launch online sales and marketing programs with each marketplace and platform. I also continually propose the next steps to take toward improvements.

Who is in your selfie?

Almost every department in the company joined in this selfie, including the marketing, retail, merchandising, accounting and IT departments.

I’m the guy in a white shirt sitting in the middle of the top row.

What does it show? What is the story behind it?

We took a selfie on the 33rd floor of the Interlink building in Bangkok, which is our company headquarters.

So, during the break after lunch, we brought “props” for the selfie from our showroom used during the midyear sales campaign.

What do you like most about your job?

What I love most about my job is the sense of family around my workplace, and being here at Bata Thailand brings varied work and challenging projects.

Want to send in your Bata selfie? Just email a few photos you take of yourself, alone or with colleagues, to bwn@bata.com. Show off your creativity! Photos must be horizontal, and be sure to use the largest file size allowed on your camera or phone.