We Are Bata People: Junaid Adeel Sends In a Selfie

It's important to take a moment to relish extraordinary achievements. Junaid Adeel sent Bata World News a selfie of his team of area and store managers as they are doing just that, after some fantastic business results came in.

How do you fit into the Bata world?

I am a regional manager and responsible for the retail operations of five districts with 97 stores located in three provinces of Pakistan.

Who is in your selfie?

In this selfie I am with three of my area managers along with their respective stores managers. Mr. Anas Khan is on my right, and Mr. Mohsin Raza and Mr. Afzal Khan are on my left.

What does it show? What is the story behind it?

This is the Karachi retail team during a “front line soldiers” celebratory moment in the Karachi regional office after the successful closing of the business year. We grew the non-footwear business over 110 percent despite tough external factors. This was only made possible due to a coordinated team effort, smart working, dedication and effective planning.

We are celebrating this joyous moment with the team members. Then we focused on key areas going forward. Development and training of staff is extremely important to take the organization to the next level, as is continuous improvement of our customer service at the store level.

What do you like most about your job?

Well, my job has variety and progresses all the time. Every day it challenges my abilities and skills to get things done. Whatever results come, they make my learning curve steeper and better.

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