We are Bata People: Diana Wong Sends In a Selfie

Diana Wong recently took a selfie with some of her colleagues at a surprise farewell party for country manager Paolo Grassi, organized by the staff of Bata Malaysia and held at the Royale Chulan Damansara hotel.

How do you fit into the Bata world?

I am marketing manager for Bata Malaysia. I am new to Bata, and it has already been an exciting two-month journey for me.

Who is in your selfie?

Seen in the picture with Mr. Grassi are some of my colleagues from Bata Malaysia, including Chak Yih Kiong, retail manager; Ivan Lee, Bata Industrials and Nitin Bhoria, chief merchandising manager.

What does it show? What is the story?

The selfie was taken right after Mr. Grassi entered the room and was totally surprised – he was told that he was going to be attending his son’s school dinner. Mr. Grassi was ecstatic to see all of his staff in the room, and everyone started taking pictures with him in groups. It was an emotional occasion as the evening proceeded with farewell speeches by several key members of the management team, a video highlight of Mr. Grassi’s journey, and a choir performance by the staff.

Spontaneously, Mr. Grassi decided to take several selfies with the staff. In the picture, we wanted to show the bond that Mr. Grassi has with those who worked with him, a bond that formed over three years. He will be sorely missed by the Bata Malaysia staff.

What do you like most about your job?

I love that I am now part of a team that contributes to the vision of Bata, working with an international group of relentless, fun and dynamic people. It’s the diversity of the people I meet and work with in Bata that I love most.

Want to send in your Bata selfie? Just email a few photos you take of yourself, alone or with colleagues, to bwn@bata.com. Show off your creativity! Photos must be horizontal, and be sure to use the largest file size allowed on your camera or phone.

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