We Are Bata People: Benjamin Teoh Sends In a Selfie

The Bata team in Singapore stopped for a moment during the unveiling of their renovated Angela One store in the country’s largest mall to snap a selfie for Bata World News. Marketing manager Benjamin Teoh filled us in.

How do you fit into the Bata world?

I lead the marketing department here at Bata Singapore by creating exciting tactical and strategic campaigns and promotions.

Who is in your selfie?

Practically the whole office is pictured here. That’s me right at the front taking the selfie.

Together in this picture is our country manager, Mr. Pierluigi Pontecorvo. Aside from that, both our men’s and women’s collection managers are here too.

What does it show? What is the story behind it?

This selfie was taken at the grand reopening of our newly revamped VivoCity store featuring the new Angela One Concept.

It was a fun-filled night attended by some high-profile individuals, friends, media and partners of Bata Singapore.

What do you like most about your job?

I like that I am part of the team to move in the new direction of Bata, toward a new beginning – to change the mindsets of our Singaporean market that we’re not just about school shoes, but more than that.

Want to send in your Bata selfie? Just email a few photos you take of yourself, alone or with colleagues, to bwn@bata.com. Show off your creativity! Photos must be horizontal, and be sure to use the largest file size allowed on your camera or phone.