Ugandan Store Teams Flaunt the Stylish New Global Uniform

The team spirit among Ugandan store staff soared with the recent arrival of Bata’s smart new global uniform, buoyed further by appreciation from consumers on social media.

The uniform is inspired by the company’s shoemaking roots, blended with aspiration to Bata’s future as branded footwear leaders. It incorporates a shoemaker’s apron with trendy clothes – including socks that provide a pop of color! – and sneakers. Although conservative, Bata consumers are looking to be surprised and feel cool, thus the new Bata look is born.

Ugandan store teams were excited to move beyond hum-drum T-shirts and shirts. As the Bata ambassadors they are, staff proudly showed off their Bata identity and said they now consider their uniforms to be not only stylish but among the best of top brands.

As the leader and a coach of a strong and unified team, country manager Linet Kiguru led by example. While visiting stores, she donned her own apron uniform and took selfies with staff who had also taken the time to put together their trendy new look.

The uniform and photo taking turned consumers’ heads in stores, and they also made positive comments on staff selfies posted to Bata Uganda’s Facebook page.

“The new Bata team look makes our staff coherently part of our image strategy,” Kiguru commented. “It is great added power when our disciplined staff with similar interests get together to work toward the same goal of satisfying our consumers, who we must identify with.”