Training Center in Pakistan Puts Women on a Path to Employment

Bata Pakistan has established an upper stitching training center in Batapur, a village built for Bata factory workers outside Lahore. The trainees, who are overwhelmingly women, are employees’ family members and residents of the nearby community.

The community program is offered free of charge and has proved very successful at preparing women for employment in the numerous stitching units around Batapur. The 155 course graduates are currently working as stitchers and are proud of the contribution they are making to their families.

The stitching center was established as part of Batapur’s Industrial School. While initially open only to women, some men have also showed interest in the opportunity to receive 12 weeks of hands-on training in a supportive environment.

The trainees are awarded certificates and stipends upon successful completion of the course.

The most recent group of 12 trainees was acknowledged on March 29 with an award ceremony attended by country manager Muhammad Qayyum.

Qayyum commented, “Bata has a legacy of playing an active role in the economic growth of the communities in which we operate. Our efforts toward the well-being of employees’ families, and especially for empowering women in the community, are always appreciated.”