Tomy Takkies Takes It Further in South Africa
Market Trends

Tomy Takkies is on the move. The brand’s first large-scale photo shoot was an incredible success and the culmination of a two-month social media campaign that drew in Tomy Takkies customers.

Tomy Takkies, created in 1964, have had a vibrant comeback due to the recent demand for classic canvas brands worldwide.

The recent “Freestyle” campaign began when Bata South Africa asked Tomy Takkies wearers on social media platforms to show off their #TomyStyle, and their selfies showed how real people create their personal style with these shoes. The winners were offered a makeover by a celebrity stylist and makeup artist and took part in a photo shoot for the brand.

The photo shoot took place in a Johannesburg studio and on location in the hipster Maboneng neighborhood. It was the experience of a lifetime for the winning users of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This campaign went above and beyond expectations, allowing for a new visual identity across South Africa. The campaign not only built greater brand awareness and affinity, it was the first time the South African market began to see Tomy as a premium brand.

Another goal of the campaign was to create more visual assets for the brand. The photo shoot proved to be a valuable source for generating content such as behind-the-scenes footage and lifestyle imagery that is being used on various platforms to elevate the brand positioning and give Tomy Takkies a more urban feel. This visual update is allowing the brand to target different demographic groups.

The results of the summer photo shoot show that the content has been seen on social media over 2.5 million times, and 68,839 people watched the video content posted to Instagram.

Swastika Juggernath, marketing manager at Bata South Africa, added, "The campaign helped us to understand our ‘Angela’ in her very own creative space and style, which provides valuable insights for our forthcoming marketing initiatives.”