Thomas G. Bata Visits Key Stores during Trip to Zambia

On May 19, Thomas G. Bata, visited Bata Zambia, accompanied by Sarah Bata and Louise Treacy, former Compass secretary and general manager, as part of a trip to Africa. The aim of the visit was to meet with representatives from Bata Zambia and discuss the state of the business, as well as make store visits in order to see the current collections and store designs.

Mr. Bata’s one-day trip included visits to two Bata stores in Livingstone, Zambia, a city located in the vicinity of the world-famous Victoria Falls. The group was accompanied on their visit by Bata Zambia country manager Prosper Bachi, human resources manager Nyambe Mubita and retail manager Essau Rubvuta.

During the visit to the stores, Mr. Bata gave valuable advice to staff on how Bata should always strive to maintain its pole position in the marketplace by paying particular attention to the collection and, in particular, to volume articles. He further highlighted other areas in which improvements could be made in order to increase business. Mr. Bata praised staff at the stores, and was particularly impressed with the product segmentation and the store outlook.

Mr. and Mrs. Bata also took time to speak with a group of schoolgirls who had come to the store to buy Bata’s popular “Toughees” shoes as part of their school uniform. Finally, after finishing their store visit, the group had the opportunity to take a tour of the spectacular Victoria Falls to see some of the country’s breathtaking natural beauty.

Speaking after the visit, Bachi commented: “Mr. and Mrs. Batas’ visit came at the right time as we are celebrating 80 years in Zambia, and their visit to Livingstone was symbolic as that is the place were the first Bata store in Zambia was opened in 1937. Mr. Bata’s advice to the company will help in boosting sales and therefore ensure the company’s goal becomes a reality.”