Summer Trend: Feel Free to Let It Slide This Season
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Of all the trends that are shaping our style this summer, perhaps the most comfortable is that of the arrival of slides as a fashion statement. This slip-on, sandal footwear, also known as sliders, has often been considered too casual for anywhere but the home, but can now be found on the feet of the world's top fashionistas. As usual, Bata World News is here to give you some insight into the trend.

Slides are open-toed, backless shoes that are effectively open-toed mules. Available with heels or as flats, or even somewhere inbetween, they provide a wide variety of style options that can be paired successfully with a great many looks. As the name suggests, they are simple to slide on and off, meaning they are perfect for the beach, a poolside aperitif or a garden party with friends.

This season has seen a host of designers provide their own take on slides, leading to some wild and wonderful creations that, despite outlandish colors and materials, remain true to the real essence of slides, providing a most agreeable sensation for your feet.

Among the options in Gucci’s latest collection is a pair of flat, canvas slides with a Bengal-print design, to really make a statement at the beach. Valentino presented a pair of beige calfskin slide sandals, featuring their signature Rockstuds, that are versatile enough to be matched with almost any outfit.

Of course, the list of designers offering slide sandals this season does not end there. Tamar Najarian, in an article for style magazine Fashioners on June 12, wrote: “Prada, Lanvin, Dolce & Gabbana, as well as Miu Miu have all joined the fantasy slider club and it’s so dang comfortable.”

Whether you favor the classic, flat slide or something with a heel to add a bit of height, slides offer a great balance between practicality, comfort and simplicity with the added benefit that wearing them this season shows that you are in the know when it comes to the latest fashion styles.

So, scroll through the gallery to take a look at a selection of some of Bata’s latest offerings, or head to your nearest Bata store to treat your feet to some on-trend comfort wherever your mood takes you this season.

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