Summer Trend: Everybody’s Talking about Espadrilles and Sneakerdrilles
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The espadrille, traditionally a casual shoe made of a canvas or cotton upper and jute sole, has long been a favorite for the hot summer months, but for summer 2017, something of a revolution is taking place. Gone are the days when these shoes were only suitable for a casual beach look. Espadrilles are back, and with more styles and designs than ever before.

On May 9, Courtney Thompson, writing for the Bravo TV website, penned an article on the subject, entitled: “This Is the Shoe That Everyone Is Going To Be Wearing This Summer.” The article highlighted the impending arrival of the espadrille as the most on-trend shoe for summer 2017, citing a loafer version by Chanel as a particularly coveted example of the new style.

In addition to a wide variety of platform and wedge designs, this year also sees the emergence of a new crossover known as “sneakerdrilles,” a combination of espadrille and sneaker, that is also making waves among fashion-conscious customers around the globe. Of course, whatever style you’re after, Bata has got you covered.

Maria Wilson, posting on her blog “The Classified Chic” on April 12, also picked up on the central role of the style for this year. She wrote: “I’m going to admit that espadrilles are one of my favorite shoe trends for spring and summer 2017. While espadrille shoes have been around a very long time, designers have brought them back with all kinds of modern twists. I specifically love the variety that give height while managing to keep a comfortable fit. There are some really swanky platform and wedge styles out right now.”

However, this is one summer trend that is not only for women, as designers have been busy creating a wide range of espadrilles for men as well. Brands such as Hermès, Christian Louboutin and Dries Van Noten have all introduced versions of the shoe, giving men the opportunity to slap on the style along with the suncream as the weather heats up.

Check out the gallery to see a selection of Bata’s offerings that are perfect to complete your sexy, summer look.

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