Strong Results Shared at Bata’s Developed Markets Plenary Meeting

The Developed Markets team came together for an all-employee session on July 26 to review business results for the first half of the year. The plenary meeting, held at the headquarters in Padova, Italy, gave the team reason to celebrate a job well done before the peak vacation period.

Matthew Cook, president of Developed Markets, opened the meeting and explained that the results for the first half of 2017 were very positive and ahead of budget in all businesses within the region: Bata Italy, Bata Central Europe, Bata Spain, Bata Switzerland, AW LAB and international franchising.

The most satisfying aspect was the incredibly strong improvement in results over the same period from the previous year, due to various businesses performing well, and beyond expectations in most cases.

David Pujolar, general manager of AW LAB, presented mid-year results that were very positive and promising and described the impactful marketing campaign that is currently underway for AW LAB: Pink Luxury. He also illustrated the exciting business development plan for the next three years.

Barbara Franceschetto, managing director of Bata Italy, shared the very strong improvement in results there, achieved through an obsessive focus on the Bata 2020 plan. She highlighted the strong improvements in collections, which was matched by very tight control of markdown expenses and promotions. All of this led to significant improvements in the company’s results for the year, both in direct-owned stores and franchised stores.

Retail manager Marco Farnetani supported Franceschetto’s presentation by explaining the impressive results coming in from the new Red Concept store format as well as the positive effect from franchising and retail performance.

Finally, Linda Porrino, marketing manager at Bata Italy, presented a teaser for the new footfall campaign: the launch of an exclusive capsule collection by Melissa Satta.

Giuseppe Pozzo, Group franchising manager, presented the very solid work that he and his team have been doing to build the foundations for a robust and dynamic international franchise business in the next few years. He described opportunities ranging from Iran through northern Africa to the Middle East, as well as a quickly improving European business.

Drawing the meeting to a close, Cook emphasized again the very positive trend in results and thanked everyone for their hard work in often difficult situations. He also reiterated the importance of working toward common goals as a strong, vibrant and unified team.

All employees present were given a “My Shoes First” T-shirt and posed for a group photo to wish the Bata’s whole worldwide community a happy and productive summer.

Fabio Bernardi, HR director for Developed Markets, said after the meeting, "All the employees are really enthusiastic when we hold this kind of event. They are aware of the company’s direction and future, and it’s a great opportunity to create a strong team spirit and sense of belonging. Great energy.”