Q & A with Nicola D’Astolfo

Nicola D'Astolfo is collection manager for Bata Italy, and recently spoke to Bata World News to discuss his current role and provide insight on trends in the region. He also prepared us some of his favorite looks featuring Bata shoes from the latest collection, and these can be viewed in the gallery.

Could you tell us something about your history with Bata before you became collection manager for Bata Italy?

I began my Bata career as a store manager, before becoming purchasing manager for the women’s category. The move to collection manager for the men’s, women’s children’s and accessories categories has given me the possibility to immerse myself completely in the world of fashion. In this way it is possible to create collections that are closely linked and that follow fashion trends. Shoes remain an indispensable accessory for every look, but thanks to the other categories, such as clothing and bags, I am able to create a head-to-toe look.

What do you like most about your role?

The best thing is the color that is present in every aspect. Then there is the choice of the right material to use in the right moment. Every single thing is a challenge, an educated guess that, in the end, results in a perfect shoe, in line with current trends and ready to go on sale in Bata stores, and be worn by our consumers.

How would you describe your own personal style?

My style is “pop” in the most positive sense of the word. The term “pop,” associated firstly with music and then with various forms of culture, comes from the word “popular” and describes phenomena and aesthetic objects that are fresh, trendy and lively, and that appeal to the mass consumer market. I like to think that my shoes are appreciated by as many people as possible.

What are your favorite Bata products?

Elegant, feminine shoes with heels.

What are the most important trends in terms of shoes and styles in Italy at the moment?

Fashion is made of trends and styles that run parallel, and give every person the possibility to show themselves at their best. I don’t like to think that there is a “right” and a “wrong” look, even though this idea also exists in fashion.

In the Spring/Summer 2018 season, we will see sneakers at the forefront, with increasinly bold colors and floral patterns. These flowers will also become three dimensional in the most fashionable shoes, while pale colors, shades of grey, beige and powder pink, will be present in all the most tasteful shoes. Designers will also play with light, using stones and jewel details, as well as laminated leather that will light up any look. Finally, we will also see natural leather making an appearance, giving a wild look.

Is Bata’s new manifesto "Me & Comfortable with it" affecting your approach to new collections? What are you proposing at present?

The approach hasn’t changed: all our shoes are born with the idea of making the person who wears them as comfortable as possible. The interesting thing at the moment is that we are perhaps succeeding in making a dream come true for women everywhere, by taking away the need to suffer while wearing heels. Thanks to Insolia, it is no longer necessary to compromise: comfort while wearing heels is no longer an oxymoron.

How have Insolia products been received in Italy? What do women think of them?

Insolia products are working and selling well. They are appreciated for the technology that makes the shoes more comfortable, but also for their classic, essential style. Insolia shoes are suited to every moment of the day, from the office to a big night out.

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