Q & A with Maria Teresa del Campo

Maria Teresa del Campo is women's category collection manager for Bata Chile, having taken on the role in January this year. Bata World News recently spoke to her about her new position, and during the interview she also gave us some of her top style tips.

How did you come to be women’s collection manager of Bata Chile?

I have been in the shoe business for 15 years, and I arrived at Bata four and a half years ago, where I started as Latam regional women’s product manager.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

I have loved shoes ever since I was little! It is so much fun for me to work in this business. I feel grateful that I can enjoy my job, as not everybody has this good fortune.

What does a typical day involve for you?

I start early in the morning, taking my two kids to school, then arrive at the office. I check emails and work with my team. Half of the time involves problem solving, and the other half I spend creating, looking for new ideas and proposals, trying to find new strategies and refresh the business, as fashion goes so fast!

How do you like to express your own style in the outfits and accessories you choose?

I always choose simplicity. I don’t like prints or bright colors too much. I love black, basic colors, and I often wear jeans. I’m tall, so it is strange to see me wearing high heels. I love accessories, and always put a little make up. I don’t spend too much money on my wardrobe, as I have lots of basics and I mix them in a fun way. My style is based on what I like to see in the mirror. I don’t think too much about other people’s opinions. I never compare myself with the rest.

What would you say are the most important trends in terms of shoes and clothing in Chile right now?

We had a complete revolution with chunky shoes three years ago, which started as a favorite for teenagers, and, strangely, moved to older women, becoming a must-have in your closet. It is the first time in my life, that I have seen a trend become strong in Chile and Argentina before Europe or the U.S. Globalization, ease of travel and technology allow people to have access to the latest trend information. Now you can find very stylish people in Chile.

Could you give us some ideas for outfits to match with some of your favorite Bata shoes from the latest collection? (Images are in the gallery)

Look one – western boots: As you can see, the model is wearing the same boots with two different outfits. We have a nice offer of western boots in Bata Chile. They have a nice height, and you can wear them with many different options.

Look two – sneakers: You can look very feminine and stylish. You only have to dare to try! Here I suggest outfits for this Bata nude sneaker, and a white sneaker from North Star.

Look three – curvy: Here are two outfits to pair with this Bata Insolia pump and a Bata boot. I know what you are thinking: “OK, but Maria Teresa is thin!” Let me tell you that style has nothing to do with your weight, your height, or your skin color. Check out these beautiful girls.

What has been the reaction to the launch of Insolia there?

Insolia is great technology! It is new, fresh and it works, so the reaction in Chile was very good. None of the competition has anything similar to this, and I think that big brands feel a little envy. Good sale results have shown us that women appreciate comfort and stability in their shoes.

What do you think is important in helping women to feel comfortable with themselves?

The most important thing in order to feel comfortable with yourself is to be yourself. There’s nothing more important. If I had to give you some advice to improve your look, I’d tell you this: start focusing on things that you like, and highlight these items. Then, go to the mall and try different outfits. Dare to try different options, but do not buy a single thing. Only take some selfies, and then check them carefully at home, and never forget that "less is more."

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