Q & A with Javiera Recabarren

Javiera Recabarren is collection manager coordinator for the Latam region, and she has been with Bata for nine and a half years, having previously worked as a buyer at Bata Chile across many categories, and in Colombia as merchandising manager. Bata World News recently caught up with her to hear about her current role.

How did you become collection manager coordinator?

Thanks to the experience that I have obtained across the different categories and countries, I’m able to understand the behavior of different markets, the different customers we have and the needs of each country. That’s how I came to this position.

What is a typical day like for you in the office?

A typical day is to check sales in Latam countries, check all the reports and best-seller products, and remain in constant contact with the collection managers and merchandising managers of each country. Additionally, providing support for the implementation of new merchandising tools.

Could you give us some ideas for outfits to match with some of your favorite Bata shoes from the latest collection?

Look one: Boots with personality – Either flat or with heel, according to your mood and the occasion, but both looks amazing!

Look two: Everything looks good with a pair of white sneakers! You can mix different colors and styles in your outfit, from more casual to a little bit formal.

Look three: One of the trends that we had in the collection, which also saw excellent performance, was our velvet boots. Flat or with heel, they always look chic.

What do you think are the strongest features of Bata’s latest collections?

That they are totally focused on Angela’s needs, following the latest trends, showing our customers that we are the best shoe company for all the family.

How would you describe your own, individual style?

I think that my own style can be described as casual chic. My priority is to be confident in myself, so I try to be comfortable but also with style.

What do you like most about your job?

The people with whom I work, and the office environment. I think that is one of the greatest strengths we have in the company, and this gives us joy and passion in what we do. Besides, I always learn something new that challenges me to improve.

What trends are you currently most excited about? What would you most like to see in the future?

I’m very excited about the trend “rhapsody in blue” that we will have for this Spring/Summer season, mixing a range of blue colors and denim. I really like it, and think that it will be successful in our market. I would like to see daring trends that play with textures and colors, not only for women, but also for men, that challenge us to leave the classic colors and combinations.

How would you like to see the collection manager role develop?

Two hundred percent focus on our customers, and Angela in particular. We need to know everything about her and her family, to align ourselves with the new trends and consumer behavior. Nobody knows our customers better than us. In conclusion, we need a total understanding of our market, competitors and consumers.

What does "Me & Comfortable with it" mean to you?

It means a lot! It means to be sure of who we are, and to be confident in ourselves and in expressing ourselves. Finally, being yourself and being proud of it gives a sense of freedom.

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