Q & A with Eva Angeloni

Eva Angeloni has been part of Bata for nine years and is currently executive assistant to the Group CEO. She opened up to Bata World News about how she got where she is today, from her career beginnings to keys to success.

How did your career at Bata begin?

I did not plan at all to be an executive assistant!

I came across Bata while studying foreign languages and international economic institutions at university. At that stage of my life I was looking for an entry-level role in a trading company doing business overseas, to support my studies and give me a first experience in an international context.

There was a posting for a part-time receptionist position at Bata Italy, and I was contacted shortly after I applied. It was not exactly the job I was looking for, but I decided to try it. I thought it could be a very good deal for both my studies and work. That is how it started!

What is your best Bata memory?

I have many memorable moments from my nine years in Bata. In particular, I remember with great pleasure my last day in Bata Italy before moving to Bata Brands in Switzerland, with all the thrill and excitement that change was bringing. A new chapter of my Bata life was starting! At the same time I was also very sorry to leave my first “school” and all the great colleagues I met there who taught me so much.

What makes your job interesting?

The variety of situations I have to cope with every day!

Can you describe a typical day at work?

Days are always different. The daily routine of an executive assistant is rarely the same from day to day! Priorities and necessities change quickly. Mine is a very special case, as I have the privilege of working at Bata headquarters and assisting our CEO Alexis Nasard. I can truly say it’s a daily challenge and a continuous learning opportunity at the same time!

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your current role, and how did you handle it?

Supporting the organization of the first Bata Forum. During my Bata career, I have had the opportunity and pleasure of collaborating on several off-site corporate events, but the Forum was the first big happening where my contribution could really make a difference. A lot of expectations were arising around it every day, as well as last minute challenges!

I do not want to sound like a schoolmarm, but discipline is not always a must in Bata, as it should be! How did my fellow team members and I handle it? With a lot of preparation! In addition, I had to appeal to my most rational side, assessing each situation and my resources, and then acting accordingly without missing the objective!

From your standpoint, what is the most exciting thing happening at Bata this year?

Every day an exciting thing happens at Bata: we are getting closer and closer to our goals!

Do you have a tip to share with the other executive assistants around the Bata world?

There is a principle I keep in mind every work day, which fits well with the nature of being an executive assistant, and which I am happy to share with other Bata executive assistants: Put yourself in your boss’ shoes, and treat him or her as you would want to be treated!

What is something Bata people around the world have in common?

Great passion for their work – no doubt!