Q & A with Angela Zuluaga

Angela Zuluaga is collection manager for Bata Colombia, and has been with Bata Colombia for 11 years. She began her career as a collection manager for Bata Colombia's Aquarella catalogue, before moving to the position of collection manager for City stores. Bata World News caught up with her to hear her views on the region's latest trends.

What do you like most about your role?

What I like most about my role and what I most enjoy is being linked to the retail business, because it demands more of me and makes me change and take on new challenges every day. Also, like all women, I love shoes, and that makes my job a pleasure.

How would you describe your own personal style? What are your favorite accessories?

My personal style is casual fashion. I´m mom to a 3-year-old girl, and because of that I need to be comfortable but without losing my style because I love fashion. My favorite accessories are handbags. I love that they highlight my daily outfits.

What are the most important trends in terms of shoes and styles in Colombia at the moment?

Tennis shoes are the most important trend at the moment in Colombia and around the world. Women are leaving behind the boots and heels and they are wearing tennis to be comfortable and on trend. Another trend is pastel colors, especially pink, which is in our latest collection and is now becoming a necessity in all women’s wardrobes.

Bata Colombia’s recent collaboration with Andrea Serna has been very successful. What do you appreciate about her style?

Andrea Serna, is a very sophisticated and aspirational women, which makes her the perfect complement for our current Bata strategy. She is helping us through this year of collaboration to give our brand a higher positioning in relation to style and quality. Now we are a fashion point of reference for Colombian women.

Could you give us some ideas for outfits to match with some of your favorite Bata shoes from the latest collection?

Look one: I love this Andrea outfit because she is wearing one of my favorite trends: white casual shoes, which give her a lot of style. This kind of shoe can be worn with a very casual look like the one in the photo, or with something more elegant.

Look two: In this picture, Andrea is wearing boots from our latest collection, the color is the best thing about them, because military green is very trendy. The boots are western, and are very casual and comfortable. In our stores we have a lot of these kinds of shoes, as they can be worn with trends like this striped shirt that is very fashionable right now.

Look three: Our Bata stores must always have sandals with our warm weather. In cities with this kind of weather, flowers, embroidery and the knitted look are very important trends. In the picture, Andrea is wearing our flower sandals with a very fresh and girly outfit.

How is Bata’s new manifesto "Me & Comfortable with it" affecting your approach to new collections?

Colombia is such a diverse country in terms of climate, cultures and genotypes, and our ladies collection has always been developed thinking of different types of women and how they can find the ideal shoe for them. With the new manifesto, we have delved into this work in all categories. We want all women to feel unique wearing Bata shoes, keeping in mind that we are developing collections focused on style and comfort.

What do you think is important in helping customers, especially women, to feel comfortable with themselves?

Developing collections with a product offer that fits our consumers’ diversity. Our products must adapt to their own styles, making them feel comfortable, and happy to accept themselves as they are.

What future trends are you most excited about in your region? What would you like to see become popular?

Although sneakers are already strong and a massive trend, I think that it can be stronger, can last longer and can be even bigger. This trend makes me excited because with it we can develop many styles that include different trends and let us go further, because styles are always changing and we need to offer our consumers new things.

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