Person of the Week: Meet Khalilur Rahman, 25 Years with Bata

Khalilur Rahman recently marked 25 years with Bata Bangladesh. Now assistant manager for the non-retail sales division, he reminisced with Bata World News and shared his insights.

What do you remember about joining the company all those years ago?

I joined Bata in 1990 as a junior sales representative posted in the Mymensingh district. Like every youth of my era, I was obsessed by the thought of working for Bata, and at 19 years old, it was my dream come true. I had been brought up close to our Dhamrai factory, where most of the households were directly or indirectly employed in the factory.

What makes your position as assistant manager for NRSD interesting?

Currently, I am working in back office support for our wholesale team by providing them timely analysis of business data as well as ensuring timely support in terms of promotional and advertisement activities. This data input forms the backbone for all anticipations in the wholesale business plan. My proximity to the dealers, through working in wholesale for most of my career, makes my job interesting as well as challenging, as I can provide them with customer experience.

Rajeev Gopalakrishnan, president for South Asia, presented you with a certificate during a celebratory dinner in June. What was the evening like for you?

I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life the moment when I was presented the Long Service Award by Mr. Gopalakrishnan. I consider myself blessed and honored to have been able to make that little contribution to the company through which I have seen its manifold growth.

What are a few of your most memorable Bata moments over the past 25 years?

The NRSD of Bata Bangladesh won the runners up trophy in the 2007 NRSD Climb That Rock competition amongst all Bata Group companies. We received a trophy and silver coat pin.

Receiving the 25-Year Long Service Award is the most cherished moment of my career, however, wherein I look back and remember the years.

What do you think has stayed the same about Bata through the years?

Bata continues to provide consistent career growth and learning opportunities for people with potential who want to learn and grow in the organization. This has remained unchanged throughout the years.

What did you receive to remember this occasion by?

My wife and I each received a wristwatch from Bata Bangladesh, and I will use it on special occasions.

What tips would you give a young person starting a Bata career today?

Patience and a willingness to learn are the keys to success in Bata. You need to bring some changes in the workplace that will leave a positive impact. “Be Bold” in voicing your opinion in an appropriate manner.