PERSON OF THE WEEK: Meet G.M. Moienuddin, 25 Years with Bata

G.M. Moienuddin, assistant general manager of Bata’s Tongi factory in Bangladesh, recently celebrated 25 years with the company at a dinner with the management team. Doing the honors was Rajeev Gopalakrishnan, president for South Asia, who took the opportunity to thank all the employees for the company’s impressive continued growth.

What do you remember about joining Bata 25 years ago?

I joined Bata Bangladesh as a production management trainee in 1990 after completing a science degree. After the training period, my first position was as a production officer.

From my childhood I knew that “shoe means Bata,” and it has always been a very prestigious multinational company to work for.

What makes your current position as Tongi plant manager interesting?

Building my career in production, it has always been interesting to work as a plant manager in a production plant. The Tongi plant contributes around 67 percent of total pairs and 25 percent of the company’s turnover. All the production people at Tongi work as a team to sustain manufacturing as cost effective and added value. The control systems we follow are great and well maintained.

Tell us about the celebratory dinner where you were presented a certificate by the regional president.

I felt proud and honored to receive such a prestigious award from a great leader like Mr. GopalaKrishnan. It was a lively evening in the presence of all the executives and management staff of Bata Bangladesh. I recollected my journey, my contributions in various roles of the production process and the recognition received from the company over this time.

The certificate recognizes my long contribution to Bata Bangladesh, and I will preserve it throughout my life to remember Bata by.

What are a few of your most memorable Bata moments over the past 25 years?

Receiving the Long Service Award this June was one of the most memorable moments of my Bata life. Besides that, I got an opportunity to participate in a six-month training course in the Czech Republic in 1996, where I met Mr. Thomas J. Bata. He gave us a valuable speech regarding the culture, history and development of Bata over 100 years, which inspired me to continue service with Bata for more than 25 years. This was really a special moment for me.

What do you think has stayed the same about Bata through the years?

Bata stands for value for money for all walks of life. It reaches out to the individual, family and community. Bata always believes in delighting consumers through continuous improvement of product quality and service in line with contemporary market demand, and it continues this year after year.

What tip would you give a young person starting a Bata career today?

A positive attitude, ownership, commitment, sincerity and hard work are the basic ingredients to have a successful career at Bata.