Perfect Look: What to Wear for a Weekend Getaway
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A long weekend away can be the perfect antidote to a stressful, activity-filled lifestyle, and many people at this time of year are packing up and heading off for a short city break, poolside rendezvous or a mountain retreat. However, if all you have is hand luggage, you need to pack light, and Bata World News has some top tips to help you get the best looks from your temporary wardrobe.

The key to making the most of your luggage space in terms of your clothing options is to pick pieces that you can mix and match, reusing in different combinations and alternating accessories to create a variety of looks.

Of course, it is also important to match your outfit to your surroundings, so if you are heading off to the beach, you will probably want to focus on comfort, packing colorful crop tops, loose-fitting trousers, cute sandals or flip flops and a sun hat to complete the look.

In an article for Elle magazine, Daisy Melamed Sanders suggests a look for cooler evenings, writing: “A flowy maxi dress topped off with a denim jacket will keep you warm while the sun sets. Slip-on sneakers let you navigate tricky terrain without sacrificing style.”

Alternatively, for a city break you will probably want to go for a more elegant look, while still choosing items that are comfortable enough to wear all day. A lightweight maxi dress is a great way to stay cool while still oozing style, and also takes up little of the precious room in your luggage. Pair this with a pair of flat shoes that will be kind to your feet during a long day exploring the city. A bag large enough store all your essentials for a day of sightseeing is also a must for this type of occasion.

For a dressed-down version of this look, perhaps for a small-town weekend break or a trip to visit friends, try pairing a romper suit with a sexy pair of wedges and a pretty backpack to create the perfect look for a stroll around town, and that can also be worn to dinner in the evening by adding a lightweight jacket on top if needed.

Browse the image gallery to take a look at a small selection of Bata products that are exactly what you need to create your perfect outfit when traveling light.

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