Perfect Look: How to Pull Off Monochrome Style
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Despite a wide variety of trends that focus on bright colors, floral patterns and eye-catching prints, one evergreen of the fashion world is the monochrome look. A well thought out black and white outfit can make a bold statement and show that you are a real fashion guru, and Bata World News has some advice to help you make the most of your monochrome style.

This season many top style icons have been seen rocking the black and white, with Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain and Taylor Swift favoring striking, two-tone dresses, and others, including Kate Beckinsale, Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian, opting for the same combination wearing outfits with pants.

So, what are the tricks to pulling off a perfect monochrome outfit? In this case the devil is in the detail. It is important to plan how the two colors will work together, not only on the clothes themselves, but also with shoes and accessories. For example, choosing to pair white shoes with black trousers adds an interesting twist to your look, making a true, monochrome statement. Alternatively, add a white blazer on top of a black top for a striking, timeless look, and add a black bag to complete the effect.

Stripes, another of this season’s top trends, are also a good way to mix monochrome colors with minimal fuss. In addition, narrow-to-medium horizontal stripes, such as classic Breton stripes, also have the benefit of a slimming effect, which helps to add confidence.

Of course, the monochrome look works great for both sexes, and the simplicity of having just two colors to work with means that men can feel confident in pulling off this look too. However, having said this, there are a few guidelines that need to be followed even when mixing black and white.

Men’s style website The Idle Man has some important tips for how to keep your monochrome look on point: “The key with monochrome is not only the colors (or lack of); it is about how it is worn. Straight lines and clean edges are important, as monochrome is supposed to be sleek but edgy. This means keeping your whites white and blacks black. White shirts should be crisp and bright – white shoes should be clean and not scuffed. Blacks should be dark and bold, not be faded or greying.

So, now that you have a few ideas for your next look, browse the gallery for some of Bata’s latest offerings that can help you create a great monochrome outfit, or head to your nearest Bata store to see the full range of options available.

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