Perfect Look: Back to the ’90s in Style
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The 1990s was an iconic decade with a huge variety of styles and influences. It saw the explosion of both grunge and hip-hop music into mainstream culture, along with some of the most easily identifiable celebrity looks from recent years. This year, the '90s look is back and bigger than ever, so read on for some top tips for how best to get that '90s vibe.

When thinking of ’90s fashion, one of the first things that comes to mind is the ever-present platform shoe, or “flatform”, made famous by bands such as The Spice Girls, as well as a host of other popstars in the mid-’90s. Flatform shoes are typically trainers or sandals with a large, raised sole, giving them a distinctive look, and are a great place to start when trying to capture that classic ’90s style.

Priya Rao, writing for fashion website Allure, spoke to New York-based designer Tanya Taylor about how to make it work. Rao writes: “Taylor says take baby steps when it comes to adopting this movement this time around. Pick out one ’90s-inspired element and style your outfit around it so that you don’t head toward the shudder-worthy costume territory. For example, if wearing a Spice Girls-esque, chunky platform, Taylor suggests pairing it with a modern silhouette like a voluminous poplin shirtdress. Same goes for a choker: Complement that with a simple pair of sneakers.”

Top designers from a range of fashion houses have been taking inspiration from the ’90s this season, including Vivienne Westwood, Balmain, Prada and Salvatore Ferragamo to name but a few, all of whom have have shown off their take on the classic ’90s platform shoe in their latest collections. In addition, worn denim and garments covered in studs or stripes have been on show up and down runways around the world, paying homage to that classic ’90s grunge look.

Match a chunky, striped jumper with a pair of faded, ripped jeans to instantly capture the ’90s style, or for men, a vintage t-shirt with an unbuttoned, baggy shirt on top can create the look. Check shirts and oversize work boots can also be worn to evoke the style of that decade, but remember not to overdo it: less is definitely more in this case, if you want to keep your ’90s-inspired look fresh and up to date.

So, crank up your portable CD player and browse our gallery to take a look at some of Bata’s ’90s inspired products, or rollerblade down to your nearest Bata store to check them out for yourself.

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