Meet the Bloggers: Silvia Njoki Head over Heels for Insolia

Silvia Njoki is a well-known Kenyan fashion blogger, and has been writing about the topic on her site since its creation in 2013. She recently attended the Bata Fashion Weekend, having already written an article about Bata's new Insolia heels on her blog, and Bata World News took the opportunity to interview her to hear what she thought of the event, and why she is such a fan of the new shoes.

What is your blog about? Where can we find it?

I am the online content creator and the founder and inspirational manager of the fashion and beauty blog Style by Silvia, which is a vehicle for sharing my personal style as well as inspirational content revolving around fashion and beauty. I am also the creator and manager of the online magazine Style Yetu, a fast-growing blog on which I post a number of daily curated articles on fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle, celebrity and entertainment news.

Where are you from? How did you get into blogging?

I was born in Kenya and this is where I live and work. My blog was launched in 2013, as a creative outlet for my DIY activities in pursuit of dressing my infant daughter, born that year, but gradually evolved into what it is today. The content of the blog primarily attracts fashion-conscious women of the age group 20 to 30 years.

What was your overall impression of the Bata Fashion Weekend?

I enjoyed every moment of the weekend and was amazed by the efficiency of its planning and execution. The fashion show was a very attractive eye-opener to the stylish range of Bata products, and the contributions of young designers to forward-looking product development – arguably the best fashion show I have witnessed in my life. I was really impressed by the shoes which are due to be released in various collections in Kenya. From a personal point of view, I wish to express my appreciation of how Bata hosted and entertained me throughout my entire stay in Prague.

What is the most exciting product you saw?

Many new products were highly interesting, but I was particularly impressed by a pair of shoes from the young designers’ competition – a rather beautifully strange shoe which was a combination of a sock in a boot. Overall, the young designers were very innovative and their pieces beautiful.

Which was your favourite exhibition?

My two favourite exhibitions were first of all the corner ‘mini factory’ showing how shoes are manufactured, from the cutting of the individual parts to the final sewing together of them. But I also loved the stand where people were able to design and paint their own Tomy Takkies – I kept wishing that my four-year-old daughter were there with me to custom-make some.

What do you think of Bata’s 2017 Brand Manifesto “Me & Comfortable with it”?

The manifesto strikes a strong cord in my fashion-conscient mind by implying a perfect combination of style and comfort in a world where we are all unique in our own ways – a harmony which I would appreciate to recognize in any line of apparel and footwear. I think it is high time that we appreciate that we do not have to compromise fashion for beauty, and that we can be stylish without spending a fortune. I fully endorse it, and will be proud to promote this image of Bata as a people-oriented iconic brand on my social media platforms.

Do you wear high heels? What is your opinion of Insolia?

Yes I frequently wear high heels – in fact I own ten times more pairs of heels than I do flats! And I wish Insolia had been around when I first practiced to walk confidently and gracefully in heels. Since owning my first pair of Insolia, I am now able to wear my heels longer. I think the concept of achieving a more comfortable distribution of weight between heel and toes is as brilliant as it is innovative, and am convinced that the Insolia line will be a major success.

Did the event change your impression of Bata? What did you take away about the brand?

The Fashion Weekend was a fantastic opportunity to familiarize myself with the very diverse and impressive range of Bata products and to look eye-to-eye with a number of the talented and innovative staff of the company. I was excited to meet fashion professionals from all over the world. My stay also allowed me to admire the beauty of Prague, and to appreciate the long and fascinating journey of the brand from a small family-run enterprise to today’s efficiently managed international corporation. What impressed me particularly was the continuing involvement of the Bata family in all corporate social responsibility matters, and how its members continue to nurture talent.

How will you work the weekend into your blog?

I shall post a multi-faceted article on the blog, weaving personal experiences (including my own touristic adventures) into an overview of the Bata Fashion Weekend highlights. The article will be linked to a travel vlog, to be published on YouTube.

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