Meet the Bloggers: Cherrie Mun Visits Bata Fashion Weekend

Among the many journalists, bloggers and celebrities to attend Bata's recent Bata Fashion Weekend held from April 22 to 23, was well-known Malaysian fashion blogger Cherrie Mun. Listed on the website of Marie France Asia as one of “Eight malaysian fashion gurus taking Instagram by storm this 2017,” Bata World News was keen to hear what she thought of the event.

Mun’s Instagram page has over 60,000 likes, and when she received the invite from Bata to attend its inaugural Fashion Weekend, she was quick to jump on the plane in order to live the experience for herself. Bata World News got the chance to interview her after the catwalk shows, and hear her reason for attending the weekend, and her opinions on what she had seen.

Asked why she was attending the event, Mun commented: “because Bata Malaysia invited me and I’m so excited to discover more about Bata.” She even documented her trip on her Instagram account, stating "Flew to #Prague specially for Bata Fashion Week. Can’t wait for the fashion show tomorrow," and then shared a picture of the outfit she wore to the fashion show the following day, writing: “So overjoyed to be here for the #BataFashionWeekend.” She also included the hashtags "#BataShoes," and "#comfortablewithit," to help her followers find out more about Bata for themselves.

Mun was then asked what she thought of the catwalk shows she had seen over the weekend, and she was full of praise for Bata’s presentation, stating: "I really liked the catwalk show. It’s like they did present a different kind of theory. I also liked the singer (Bata’s new manifesto ambassador Tonya Graves), she performed very well."

Mun is also one of the two founders of the fashion website DuoGigs.com, along with her twin sister Evangeline Yan. On the site, the girls blog about their passion for fashion, beauty and travel, as well as other topics, and their approach is clearly striking a chord with many young, fashion-hungry readers, as it has already received almost two million hits.

Bata’s new collection too, it seems, has definitely won the heart of one of Malaysia’s top fashion bloggers. Asked what she would be taking away from the Bata Fashion Weekend, Mun expressed her delight at the products she had seen, and the options they provided for creating different looks, stating: “Bata is not just comfortable or versatile, it can also be the trend, it depends how you mix and match them.”

Bata World News looks forward to seeing more of Bata’s latest products on her website and instagram pages in the near future. You can check out Cherrie Mun’s Instagram page here.

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