Meet the Bloggers: Chantal Philander Reveals Love for Bata

Chantal Philander is a popular South African blogger with thousands of followers across her blog site, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. She recently attended the Bata Fashion Weekend in Prague, and Bata World News interviewed her on her return, in order to find out what had made her so enthusiastic about the event and about Bata's latest products.

What is your blog about? Where can we find it?

My blog is a style, beauty and lifestyle space called Channi Chic.

What was your overall impression of the Bata Fashion Weekend?

Bata Fashion Weekend’s runway show was the absolute highlight for me. I am beyond impressed with the footwear options displayed on the runway. Bata has really set the bar high.

What is the most exciting product you saw?

It’s really difficult to just choose one as there were so many amazing footwear pieces, however there was a pair of sneakers with some embroidery work on the side that really captured me, and quite a few heels options.

Which was your favorite exhibition?

My favourite part of the exhibition has to be the walk-through wall, whereby so many iconic and historical Bata footwear images hung, and of course the stand whereby we could see how Bata footwear was made with the actual machinery. That was really special to see.

Does Bata’s 2017 Brand Manifesto “Me & Comfortable with it” resonate with you?

The Bata 2017 Brand Manifesto really resonates with me and is so fitting. Think about it, have you ever worn a pair of very uncomfortable heels and continued to be your happy bubbly self? I can guarantee you that this is not the case at all. I love the fact that when you wear a pair of Bata shoes it fits into your lifestyle with such ease. You can continue to be yourself with Bata.

Do you wear high heels? What do you think of Insolia?

I love wearing heels, however I do sometimes avoid it when I know that I’ll have to walk for long distances. In Prague, we actually walked for a good couple of blocks to the restaurant and back to the hotel, and I must admit the built-in Insolia technology really does work. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have been able to walk that distance without being in absolute pain. The Insolia technology definitely relieved some pressure and allowed me the ability to walk with ease for longer distances.

What did you take away from the event about the Bata brand?

I was in absolute awe after seeing the gorgeous Bata store in Prague. It was really like a footwear-in-heaven experience, just to put it mildly. During the course of #BataFashionWeekend I got to learn so much about the brand and its rich history. I am so excited to see what the future holds for Bata.

How will you work the weekend into your blog?

I have uploaded little snippets of the trip to Prague for #BataFashionWeekend to my various social media platforms for my readers to view, which has already sparked their interest to read the full blog post. Watch this space…

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