Management University Proposes Stacking Innovation to Bata Singapore

Students of the Singapore Management University approached Bata in March to partner on a project to develop a device that could improve staff efficiency, cut down on waiting time for customers, and reduce the likelihood of shoeboxes accidentally falling on staff.

The SMU students – Raam Prasath, David Sng, Chelsea Koh and Low Jin An – tested their simple cardboard prototype in the stock room of Bata Singapore’s Flagship store.

The project was then carried forward with an acrylic prototype. The students also interviewed Bata staff to get a better idea of real-life situations faced by sales assistants when fetching and reshelving shoeboxes.

Asked why they decided to approach Bata instead of other shoe stores, Sng replied, “We have all grown up with Bata, and it is an amiable brand that we closely relate to. We felt that Bata is more approachable and would be more supportive than the other brands in Singapore.”

Bata Singapore is now waiting for the final presentation to evaluate if the device can be implemented in stores to improve customers’ shopping experience.

“We are thrilled to be able to work with innovative youths who are passionate about retail, especially in Singapore, where retail staffing is so difficult,” said Pierluigi Pontecorvo, country manager of Bata Singapore. “This opportunity to work with SMU further reiterates our support for the local retail industry. At the end of the day, we hope to be able to improve the shopping experience of our customers and work toward converting more shoppers into Bata customers.”