Latam Buyers Review New Collections Together

From May 15 to 19, buyers from the six countries of Bata Latam met in Chile to go over the collections for the first and second quarters of 2018. It was a follow-up to the Group-wide Global Product Review in Italy the previous week.

The Regional Buyers’ Meeting was held at the Latam regional office in Santiago, where teams arrived from Bata Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru.

The buyers focused on the upcoming collections with the “product is king” strategy in mind. A good collection is the first step to offering Bata customers a great product, at the right price and with “swagger.”

During the meeting, the Latam team reviewed the collections of all the company’s brands, footwear and clothing, as well as the marketing campaigns of the various brands.

They were able to analyze collections produced not only in Asia, but also in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

Justo Fuente, president for Latam, commented, "We are sure that the teamwork accomplished at this meeting is a fantastic opportunity to strengthen our new collections with excellent products that exceed our customers’ expectations. The work carried out is aligned with the marketing strategy that will contribute to the growth of Bata in the region."