Insolia Helps Bata Pakistan Revolutionize The Heel Experience

Bata Pakistan recently unveiled its latest collection of shoes, featuring the new Insolia technology, at an event held last month at the company's Flagship store at MM Alam Road, in Lahore.

Bata Pakistan organized an exclusive event at the store in order to debut the new models that further augment its wide range of national and international footwear products. The inauguration was an amiable gathering of Bata Pakistan senior management, retailers and renowned socialites, and the event also drew a large number of intrigued customers to the store on the first day.

The latest products featuring Insolia are designed to improve the experience of women when it comes to wearing heels, while satisfying their demands for exclusivity, style, comfort and prolonged wearability. The company is committed to reaching a diverse clientele with innovation and technological advancement, providing a quality and revolutionary footwear experience.

Bata Insolia embodies this philosophy with a wide array of designs and color palettes to choose from. Constructed with patented weight-shift technology, Insolia is designed to ease pain, and improve posture and body balance by distributing weight at the ball of the foot.

With the launch of Insolia, heel aficionados in Pakistan now have the ability to walk taller, and up to three times longer, with improved fit and 30 percent reduction in pressure on the front of the foot. In a nutshell, the revolutionary technology offers greater stability, support to the body and comfort to women during prolonged heel wearing.

Country manager of Bata Pakistan, Muhammad Qayyum, commented: “Bata Pakistan is persistently in the pursuit of reinforcing its women’s categories, and the launch of Insolia received an overwhelming response from customers, which is a positive sign for my team to strive hard to increase market share of the women’s category with superb customer experience.”

Since its launch, Insolia has received a good deal of appreciation from the local market, and reviews point toward even greater acceptance in the future, along with increased levels of sales.

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