Happy Bata Customers: Kenyan Vlogger Chooses Ngoma
Market Trends

Kenyan style blogger Maxine Wabosha is part of a growing young fan base of Ngoma by Bata. She picked the simple and iconic slip-on for a do-it-yourself tutorial she posted to YouTube on July 24.

The video, called “How To Customize Bata Ngoma Shoes,” has already been viewed over 2,600 times.

The fabric and rubber Ngoma was among the first shoes to be produced by Bata Kenya, in the 1960s. “Ngoma” is a Swahili word that evokes music, melodic dancing, and generally having a good time.

"Ngoma was initially popular among schoolchildren and students, especially during music and dance festivals, but with time the shoe has evolved into a fashion must-have among Kenyan youth,” commented Gladys Munyua, canvas category manager at Bata Kenya. “Ngoma is loved for its affordable price, comfort and fashion versatility. It’s a shoe that can literally be worn with any outfit one chooses.”

Wabosha agrees: She starts her video by explaining her choice of the “very comfortable” Ngoma.

She isn’t alone. Ngoma has been featured in several style blogs and music videos, which has increased its appeal to urban youth.

Black is the most popular color for this lightweight shoe, and consumers appreciate that it is easy to clean.

Ngoma cuts across age brackets and even genders – although it is meant for women, young urban men have started wearing it as well.