Contest Finds Brightest Insolia “Fairies” in Florence

Bata Italy held a special store contest to coincide with its launch of the global Insolia collection. Ten stores participated by designating staff members “fairies” and decking them out with Insolia wings.

The select stores ran the length of the Italian peninsula, from Bergamo to Palermo.

These stores chose at least one sales assistant to be an Insolia ambassador. She wore a branded T-shirt, skinny jeans, Insolia heels of her choice and, on her shoulders, a set of wings in the shape of the Insolia butterfly logo.

Naturally, the fairies used training materials to become experts on the benefits of Insolia technology. They could thus offer customers individual attention and explanations as they considered their purchases.

The contest took place the first week of April, right after Insolia officially rolled out in Italy. The participating store that sold the most pairs of Insolia shoes that week was judged the winner.

That Bata store was the one located in Florence’s elegant and historic Via dei Calzaiuoli, which links the city’s two central piazzas and translates as “shoemakers’ street.”

The entire store team was rewarded with a dinner out, and the fairies received a 90 percent discount voucher. The efforts of the fairies in the other nine participating stores were also recognized with a 50 percent voucher.

"Congratulations to the whole Florence Calzaiuoli team, and congratulations to our fairies, who enthusiastically threw themselves ‘heart and soul’ into this project,” said omnichannel retail director Marco Farnetani.

“We have achieved, and are continuing to achieve, great sales results. That is the outcome of teamwork and perfect coordination of the marketing, visual and sales departments, which also led to excellent product exposure, effective training through storytelling and distinctive customer service thanks to our fairies and all sales staff involved."