BCP Colombia and Preschoolers Fill the Air with Music

Volunteers of the Bata Children’s Program (BCP) Colombia recently led a music workshop at the Christine Schmidt Bata Kindergarten, which is located in a disadvantaged neighborhood of Manizales.

BCP focused on music as a way to draw in and bond with the preschoolers, as well as stimulate their intellectual, auditory, sensory, speech and motor development.

The volunteers – Juan David Hernandez, Jefferson Montaño, Angela Buitrago, Camilo Loaiza and Andrea Gallego – began by leading the class of 20 in a well-known children’s song. The sound of the children’s voices, along with guitars, maracas, drums and tambourines, soon filled the room.

Montaño gave a simple explanation of each instrument, and more children’s and popular songs followed. After dancing to the last song, the children were in very high spirits and gave the volunteers hugs.

Buitrago reflected, "Seeing them laugh, sing and play confirms that happiness is in small things. Volunteers have important work to do because we can contribute to their education, health and even better physical and psychological development. Thanks to Bata for allowing these spaces and inviting everyone who wants to participate. It is an act of love where we can serve the people who need us the most."