BCP Bangladesh Holds Fruit Festival at Adopted School

On July 13, the Bata Children's Program (BCP) Bangladesh organized a fruit festival at the Mojar School for underprivileged children, in order to educate them about the nutritional value of fruit, and to bring them a selection of healthy, seasonal treats.

A total of 25 volunteers helped with the event at the school adopted by BCP Bangladesh, preparing packs of fruit to distribute to around 65 children. The attractive packs contained a total of six summer fruits: mango, apple, guava, banana, jackfruit and Burmese grape, and the children were extremely happy to receive the healthy gifts.

Volunteers worked hard to make the occasion lively and fun, as well as teaching the children the importance of such fruits as part of a balanced diet. As the festival began, the classrooms were filled with joy and laughter, and one of the students exclaimed: “I love having fruits, and mango is my favorite. I am very happy to be here at this fruit festival.”

Speaking on the occasion, Zannat Zohora Nabila, one of the volunteers from BCP Bangladesh, commented: “A small initiative can bring boundless joy and happiness to the faces of these small, innocent children. It feels great to be a witness to such happiness.”

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