Bata’s New Manifesto Shows Looking Sexy Can Be Comfortable Too

For its 2017 campaign, showcased at the recent Bata Fashion Weekend, Bata has chosen to focus on an issue that has long been ignored by the fashion world, but has an enormous impact on daily life, especially that of women: looking sexy is uncomfortable.

The world is full of stereotypes, and fashion, media and culture give women labels, determining how they should look and act, and the roles they should play in everyday life. Every woman wants to look and feel attractive, sexy and beautiful, but they also lead busy, often chaotic lives, and comfort is therefore a highly desirable feature when it comes to clothing, and particularly footwear.

Bata’s solution to the problem is to eliminate the dilemma between beauty and comfort, making shoes that are comfortable, but also look just as sexy and cool as any design piece.

The concept, explained in this video, which was produced by Bata to accompany the campaign, is that you don’t have to look like a model from a fashion magazine to be beautiful and comfortable with yourself.

At the Bata Fashion Weekend, the models on the catwalk were different to those seen in magazines, as Bata recruited them directly from the street rather than from modeling agencies. While walking the catwalk, the women were accompanied by signs describing them, such as: “Eccentric & Comfortable With It” and “Tattooed & Comfortable With It” to highlight their individuality and unique look.

Jana Barbati Chadová, global marketing manager for Bata the Brand, commented: “This is me and I’m simply beautiful by my own terms. With the ‘Me & comfortable with it’ campaign and our new Brand Manifesto, we aim to express the essence of the Bata brand: to democratize beauty and to empower women – heels or no heels – but also men and kids, helping them to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Offering them shoes that make them look and feel great. Comfort, and a great level of style, builds confidence. And confidence is sexy. We are pretty much comfortable with it.”

Thomas A. Bata, chief marketing officer, added: "We are very proud of our new brand manifesto. It is a powerful message that not only women, but anyone that has ever felt ‘different,’ or as if the odds are against them, can relate to. We are showing the world our intention to be the ones championing an individual’s choice to define herself in confidence and reject stereotyping so common to our industry."

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