Bata Zimbabwe Shows Special Appreciation for Employees on Labor Day

On May 1, Bata Zimbabwe took part in international celebrations of Labor Day. On the heels of many successes that were primarily due to the hard work and dedication of its employees, country manager Ehsan Zaman ensured that this May Day would be one to remember. For the first time, the whole Bata Zimbabwe team enjoyed a special discount on select shoes.

The company offered a significant discount on models from the men’s executive collection and some women’s pumps. All employees received a credit voucher for these shoes, valid from May 1 to May 13.

The announcement of this initiative was met with great enthusiasm and cheers from all the employees, as this was the first time this kind of offer was made for Labor Day. They were all smiles as they got in line to redeem the credit shoe vouchers.

The special event was supported by the dedication of retail staff, who kept the factory store open until 9 p.m. in order to serve the scores of employees who were keen to redeem their vouchers.

“I am so happy about the offer,” commented Menard Chifamba, a 16-year-old leather factory employee. “I never thought the company would join us in celebrating our day in this manner. This shows us that the company still cares for us. Considering the harsh economic challenges we are facing in our nation, this was an extremely generous offer which will go a long way in building company pride among the shop floor employees. This will also give every employee the opportunity to wear the products we put so much effort into producing for our valuable customers.”

The manager of the factory store, Lovemore Zhou, confirmed that the long hours serving all the employees had been good for his store. He said his team was excited to have the opportunity to serve so many factory employees who were not regular customers. “We managed to surpass our targets, and, as of May 8, we had 2,916 pairs of shoes. It has been an absolute pleasure serving the company employees. They have brought such high levels of energy and excitement to the store, and we have been sure to provide them with top-notch customer service.”

Bata Zimbabwe is confident that the initiative will help foster harmonious industrial relations in the organization, and the company will continue to find ways to appreciate its hardworking employees following the resounding success of this gesture.