Bata South Africa Gets Social with Father’s Day Campaign

With Father’s Day as the focus for many retailers in the month of June, Bata South Africa took customer engagement even further with an innovative social media campaign, designed to show off some of the latest shoes in its men's collection and interact with its customers on Facebook.

Keeping in mind the learnings from the global marketing team and social agency, the team from Bata South Africa created a competition that was designed to deliver increased views and customer engagement and provide greater Facebook user insight, as well as showcasing the different types of men’s footwear available.

The rules of the competition, which ended on June 15, were simple: pictures were shown of four different Bata shoes, and Facebook fans were encouraged to comment, indicating which best represented the personality of their father. The prize for the lucky winner, selected at random, was a Bata store voucher worth 400 South African rand.

Expectations for the campaign were high, as Facebook competitions have typically been very successful, but the results surprised even the most optimistic members of the team. From a customer perspective, comments were not simply basic answers, but rather detailed paragraphs dedicated to their fathers, and many included special memories or pictures of their dads.

From a results perspective, post reach increased by a phenomenal 136 percent, yielding twice as many organic views, shares and likes as previous competitions, including a Mother’s Day campaign. It showed that customers are eager to converse, and feel comfortable responding to emotive, personable posts, making these a great tool for engagement strategy.

Swastika Juggernath, marketing manager at Bata South Africa, commented: “Social media pages are often used as advertising platforms or a customer service channel, however we must not forget that it can and should be used to bring across the personality of the brand though dialogue with potential customers.”

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