Bata Philippines Celebrates Mothers with Special Promotional Event

In order to commemorate Mother's Day, which this year fell on May 14, Bata Philippines organized an initiative designed to thank women for their hard work and dedication to their families throughout the year. The celebration of Mother's Day certainly strikes a chord with Bata, as its target customer “Angela,” has two children of her own. The question was: how does one engage the Angelas of Manila? The answer: give her flowers, of course!

From May 12 to 14, the Bata Philippines team handed out over 600 roses to women for the promotion, and these included an invitation to pay a visit to the Bata store in order to try Bata’s products, check out the merchandise, and purchase a Mother’s Day gift for themselves or, in many cases, from their husband or child.

Mother’s Day is a big occasion in the Philippines, a country where the mother is regarded as the “light of the home,” lighting up the path for the members of her family. The mother is viewed as equal to the father when it comes to making decisions, complementing his approach with her balance of being soft yet tough.

Bata’s initiative was therefore received with a great deal of appreciation, and the initial reaction of those who took part was surprise, followed by glee and then joy at being made the center of attention for the day. Their children and husbands also joined in, gamely posing for photos with their wives and mothers in the store.

Some men jokingly gave thanks for the event, suggesting they no longer needed to buy flowers to mark the occasion, while others took it more seriously and asked for the roses to be packed with merchandise they bought for their mothers, wives, or grandmothers. For the Bata Philippines team, it was an honor to be part of the families’ celebrations.

No act of goodwill goes unnoticed, and the Mother’s Day campaign brought Bata Philippines into the consciousness of the market that engages in discussion and action. After the event, images of some of the customers who had received the roses were posted on the company’s Instagram account, along with posts featuring slogans such as “Stylish Mom & Comfortable with it,” and “Working Mom & Comfortable with it” inspired by Bata’s new brand manifesto.

Rabi Hasnabi, branch manager of Bata Philippines, commented: "Mother’s Day is a big occasion here in the Philippines, and we wanted to be part it by celebrating all the Angelas. Both the team and Filipino moms were truly delighted and excited by the initiative. We are sure that this, and more of these activities, will give great exposure to our brand here in the Philippines."

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