Bata Pakistan Spurs Momentum for Retail Team

Bata Pakistan recently held a strategy and teambuilding event attended by all area managers from across the country. Things were kept lively with brainstorming sessions, teambuilding exercises, market and store visits. To boost motivation, time was also dedicated to recognizing the retail team's efforts.

The meeting took place at the Bata Retail Academy in Batapur, Lahore on April 27 and 28, with the main goals of reviewing the first quarter, planning for the second and identifying new market opportunities.

The focus was on key performance indicators like units per transaction, conversion rate, the Diversity business and staff productivity. Topics included the expansion of the franchise network, growing store business with cool merchandise, and personalized customer service to increase comparable store business.

With the mantra “product is king” in mind, retail staff also had the chance to get firsthand knowledge of products by reviewing the upcoming Eid shoe line. They gave their input to the merchandising team by discussing customer preferences and current trends in different markets.

The visit to the newly inaugurated store at the Packages Mall was especially appreciated, and the team had set two goals by the end of the meeting: increasing UPT with the help of cross-selling, and encouraging more customers to join the Bata Club.

To conclude the event, prizes were presented to the area managers and field staff who retail manager Qamber Raza defined the “lifeblood of the company,” those who achieved the best results in the last Bata Retail Run. Chief among these was Javaid Iqbal, who received a trophy from the hands of country manager Muhammad Qayyum.

Iqbal manages the Bahria Town store, which placed first not only in Pakistan but among all Bata stores worldwide. He and his sales staff brought home two months’ gross salary in recognition of their achievement.

Qayyum shared inspirational thoughts with the retail team, commenting, “Be humble, be hungry and be the hardest worker. I believe that everyone has a certain set of skills, and by taking advantage of those skills while working together, nothing is impossible to achieve.”