Bata Malaysia Introduces New Collection with Innovative Video

In Malaysia, the season of Lebaran, or Hari Raya, is the most important selling season for Bata Malaysia, and the collection team has spent more than six months perfecting the collection to ensure it has a great variety of styles at the right price point. In order to introduce the new collection to store managers, the collection and merchandising team produced a fun video featuring the new shoes.

Led by chief collection manager Sharon Wong, the video was produced along the theme of Bata’s global umbrella campaign of ‘Me & Comfortable with it,’ and features fun colors, cheeky taglines and a feelgood soundtrack. What the audience didn’t know was that all of the talents featured in the video are Bata’s own in-house staff from the Collection, Merchandising and Retail teams.

The two-and-a-half-minute video shows off the full range of the collections from Bata, Bata Comfit, Marie Claire, Power, North Star, Weinbrenner and Bubblegummers, alternating between footage of the shoes on the feet of Bata staff and images of the shoes displayed in fun and creative ways. The video includes products from the women’s, men’s and children’s range, and includes taglines such as “Princessy and Comfortable with it,” and “Cheeky Monkeys and Comfortable with it.”

The video was shown at the recent store managers’ conference at the Grand Lexis Resort in the Negeri Sembilan region. A quick check with the store managers showed that they were thoroughly surprised by the innovative approach of the video, and it kept them entertained and interested throughout. Some even requested for the video to be posted on social media as they believed that customers would love it too.

Country manager Paolo Grassi commented: “I’m pleasantly surprised with the quality of the new collection video done by our in-house talent, and to witness their passion in communicating their collection in a different way. It’s gratifying to see my staff constantly innovating, and I hope the others will be inspired too.”

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