Bata Italy: On Instagram, Melissa Satta Is “Comfortable with It”
Market Trends

Melissa Satta has proved to be the perfect face of Bata Italy this spring, and her Instagram posts have been an important part of the brand’s recent successes.

The current global campaign “Me & Comfortable with it” is all about real people, and Satta is a TV personality who conquered Italians’ hearts with her simplicity and genuineness. The wife, mother and career woman is known for putting herself out there on networks like Instagram, and her posts featuring Bata shoes have clearly gotten her fans’ attention.

Satta has posted seven Bata-hashtag looks on Instagram over the past two months, bringing in an average 28,000 likes. But the reaction has gone beyond social media – it has been clear in stores as well.

After Satta’s March 5 post, sales of the shoes in the photo increased by 50 percent, as happened again after her March 11 post. Five thousand more pairs were sold of that featured shoe, a North Star slip-on with an oversized bow.

Satta is well aligned with “Angela,” Bata’s target customer, as the results have kept coming in. Sales of available stock of the shoes shown in her March 23 Instagram post, sexy red Insolia stilettos, were double the average of other products in the women’s spring collection. Then, in the two weeks following Satta’s April 1 photo, total sales doubled, and the week of her April 20 post has been the top week for shoe sales.

Her latest post, on May 10, was a photo of her in flat black leather sandals with triple ankle straps and metal cut-out details. “One of my must haves for the summer!! @Bata.Italy black flat #BataShoes #ComfortableWithIt,” she wrote. In one day, the photo got over 34,000 likes.

“We are very happy with how well Melissa is engaging our audience on social media, where the showgirl has a strong fan base and where Angela, our target consumer, often looks for the latest fashion trends,” said Marco Martin, communications manager at Bata Italy.

“Besides making a significant push for brand awareness, the collaboration with Melissa Satta allows us to work hard on the product by carrying out an important seeding activity that communicates the design and uniqueness of our footwear. The full editorial plan that Melissa also does on Facebook, where she shares Instagram posts, is taking the brand and our product viral.

“We very much believe in the multi-channel strategic approach in order to develop effective media planning and reach a wide range of target consumers. The web is increasingly being used for researching and sharing information. For the fashion industry, people like influencers are above all the ones dictating the rules in this environment. They, like Melissa Satta, are taken by their followers as references for style, behavior and habits.”

With her smile, sensuality, and comfort in her own skin, Satta represents women who, through gumption and determination, manage to do what they want with their lives. She shows these women leading active, full lives that there is a trendy Bata shoe for every occasion and every moment of the day.