Bata Italy: Bologna Store Now Features Red Concept Design

On March 4, Bata Italy reopened its store in via Indipendenza, Bologna, which has been transformed into the company's new Red Concept style. The new store is not just a simple renovation, but rather a substantial restructuring of the store image, in line with the company's current direction.

The store, located in the historical center of Bologna and expanded to include a new selling area of 200 square meters, features wooden beams and raised brick walls, becoming a real reference point for the street and the whole city. A red staircase, visible from the street, has become a distinctive element that, together with the 20 small monitors in the windows, attracts the attention of all passers-by, and communicates the new brand image.

Marco Nicolè, store design and construction manager, explained: "The aim is to make immediately readable and recognizable the Bata brand, through a clean layout that is underlined in all the store through the use of red and white colors. These two colors also link all display components inside the store, thus creating display uniformity."

He continued: "All pieces of wall furniture contribute to give strength and coherence to the message: they are formed of a white metal frame without a very obtrusive image that might be more visible than the product. They are white over white and soft grey paintings, in order to let the product speak and be the main character in the store. Strips of vertical LED lights contribute both to light all products correctly and to give a more interesting atmosphere."

Technology is mixed in with the historical image of the store: a 2.5-meter-high LED wall at the entrance, placed on a painted brick wall, communicates all the news about the brand and its products.

The ever-present Shoemaker table distinguishes the exhibition space of the Men’s “Made in Italy” Premium collection, and the Sports category also boasts a strategic location, with a 10-meter linear shoe wall in the final part of the store, which works as focus point, highly visible from the entrance.

In front of these stairs, several small frames highlight cleverly reinterpreted posters by the artists who have, over the last decades, created the most beautiful advertising campaigns for Bata.”

Barbara Franceschetto, country manager of Bata Italy, commented: "The Bologna Red Concept store delights Angela with an easy and inspiring experience, and carries our target consumer to feel that ‘product is the king’. Our goal is to bring the swagger to Bata with a ‘wow’ effect."

Vanessa Oddera, manager of the Bologna store, added: "The Bata store has been present in Bologna via Indipendenza for 50 years, and over the years has become a traditional reference point for the city. Now, the Red Bata layout has dressed up our store with a new look, still maintaining our identity, without contradicting its tradition. The highly motivated team, the modern layout and the new technology are the perfect mix to confirm our success and attract a younger, social customer."

News of the store’s reopening was also reported on a number of fashion websites, as well as in "Il Sole 24 Ore," one of Italy’s top business and finance newspapers.

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