Bata India Hosts Major Fashion Event with Group Execs

Bata India recently put on a spectacular fashion event to fete 123 years of Bata. CEO Alexis Nasard and CMO Thomas A. Bata were in the country for the high profile affair, during which they presented the global brand manifesto.

The event, which included a catwalk show, was held at the iconic Imperial Hotel in New Delhi on May 29. Bata India also introduced its new television commercial, which is in line with the manifesto’s inspiration: the modern women of the world. The womencentric commercial gave the Indian public a taste of Bata’s transformed image and product line.

The high-octane #BataFashionShow was streamed live on Facebook and featured comfy Insolia high heels, PataPata’s must-have Masala flip-flop collection, the stylish men’s European collection, as well as the latest from Bata Comfit, North Star and Power.

A B-boy dance group performed in North Star sneakers, and tap dancers flaunted European collection heels so the audience could see for themselves how easy it is to be comfortable and sexy in the same time with Bata.

The visiting Group executives interacted with the audience at the event – which included leading editors, writers and influencers from the national fashion community – and shared the brand’s vision.

Talking about the new brand manifesto, Nasard said, "One of the most important things about yourself in life is self-confidence. Self-confidence and self-esteem allow us to live fuller lives and get much bigger opportunities. Because people with confidence and self-esteem, they dare more! And when you dare more, you get more. You get more opportunities personally, socially and professionally. That is where we at Bata stand. We try and give our consumers, particularly women, the opportunity to have the little bit that they can control, to feel good about themselves.

“This is our little contribution to society, a little contribution toward women feeling great about themselves and being comfortable in their skin. I’m proud and delighted to share the Bata brand manifesto: ‘Me. And comfortable with it.’”

Rajeev Gopalakrishnan, president for South Asia, also made himself available to the media at the event and gave NDTV Good Times some background about new collections as they were presented on the catwalk. “PataPata is a very interesting collection: this is a global brand that we have with strong roots in Africa. What we have taken in India is to promote different art and culture from each of our states. The new collection we are launching now is the Madhubani collection, which draws inspiration from Madhubani art.”

A host of media outlets later covered Bata India, and the top two Indian business channels, CNBC and BTVi, produced special feature segments. NDTV GoodTimes, India’s premium lifestyle TV channel, covered the fashion show and showcased various collections in five different segments. Other prominent outlets that focused on Bata’s new image and ambitious targets included Business Standard, ET Panache and NDTV Good Times.