Bata in the News: Vanity Fair on Bata’s New Direction
Bata in the news

Bata was recently featured in an article, written by Ilaria Chiavacci, for the Italian edition of Vanity Fair magazine. The article, entitled “The best-selling shoe brand in the world, from Kurt Cobain to new designers,” (translated from Italian) highlights the importance of the brand, both in economic and cultural terms, and examines the company's new direction and manifesto.

The original article, written in Italian, begins by pointing out the fact that Bata began in the Czech Republic, 123 years ago, not in Italy as many Italian customers still believe. The author notes that Bata is believed to be a national brand in many of the countries in which it is present, including Chile and India, as well as Italy, although also highlights the fact that Italy is an important design and development center for the brand.

The article then moves on to reveal some other information that, as the author writes, might surprise readers, by mentioning a few of the celebrities who have worn Bata shoes throughout the years. These include Kurt Cobain, former frontman of Seattle grunge band Nirvana, who was known for wearing "Wilson by Bata" shoes, basketball player Magic Johnson, and actors Robin Williams and John Goodman, the latter of whom wore a pair of Bata combat boots to portray his character "Walter Sobchak" in the film “The Big Lebowski.”

After delving into Bata’s significance in recent popular culture, the article moves on to examine the changes currently underway within the company in terms of its new approach and new manifesto, featuring an interview with Bata’s president for developed markets Matthew Cook, given during the inaugural Bata Fashion Weekend, which took place at the end of April this year.

Cook, speaking to Vanity Fair at the event in Prague, commented: “Imagine a triangle with ‘style,’ ‘price’ and ‘comfort’ at its vertices: that is our new strategy. Our typical woman works, has a family and needs to be able to feel beautiful without renouncing comfort, and without spending a fortune on shoes.”

The article also touches on Bata’s new Insolia technology, which allows women to wear heels for longer than before without experiencing the traditional discomfort associated with the prolonged wearing of this type of shoe, highlighting the fact that Bata believes women should not be obliged to make a choice between sensuality and comfort.

Finally, the article makes note of the fact that although Bata’s new direction places particular focus on women, it is also working closely with exciting new designers, citing the recent Bata Young Designers Challenge, also held during the Bata Fashion Weekend, as an example of this new approach.

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