Bata in the News: “Turning 123 in Real Style” Says Cosmopolitan
Bata in the news

On May 2, Cosmopolitan Italia highlighted the messages of the recent Bata Fashion Weekend in an interview with global marketing manager Jana Barbati Chadová.

The article, by Lisa Mancini, delved into all the new things going on at Bata, and had nothing but good things to say about the brand’s first global fashion weekend. Read on for an edited version.

Bata turned 123 and celebrated it in real style, inaugurating the first Bata Fashion Weekend that was held recently in Prague, in the brand’s native land.

It was two days of events and catwalks and the debut of Bata’s new look through a young and explosive fashion show featuring professional models but also performers and laypeople.

Bata is reinventing itself, evolving, and needs consumers and the global press to know it. With the new claim “Me & Comfortable with it,” Bata is determined to become the brand most loved by everyone.

As global marketing manager at Bata the Brand, what are the goals you have set for yourself?

We are working on a fabulous adventure: rebranding. Today Bata is perceived as a historical brand but not stylish and fashionable. We want to change this perception by combining quality, comfort and a tad more glamor. All at super-accessible “wow” prices.

I’ll mention Insolia as one of the most successful recent projects, thanks to innovative technology mixed with comfort and the sexiness of a stiletto.

How do you plan to make Bata products more fashionable?

We are really focusing on design, trends and collaborating with young talents. We recently launched a competition for young people from the best art and design schools, and the winners will see their models produced and sold in limited editions in Bata stores.

Atletico is another innovation for the brand, focused on athleisurewear, sports and fashion shoes. And we aren’t excluding future collaborations and capsule collections with internationally renowned designers. There is great excitement at Bata headquarters!

How would you like the Bata brand to be perceived in the coming years?

As a love brand. When you think of Bata you have to think of an item that makes you feel good and that also offers you superior comfort. We also want to communicate, with events like the Bata Fashion Weekend, an emotional journey with our consumer that combines key elements like comfort, trends, sexiness, quality and unbeatable prices for absolutely all: tall, short, thin or not. In short, create a romantic relationship – forever and always.