Bata in the News: Top Fashion Magazine Praises Bata Renaissance
Bata in the news

In the June issue of Mega magazine, the number one fashion magazine in the Philippines, chief editor Suki Salvador (pictured above with Thomas A. Bata and Thomas G. Bata) penned a two-page feature, entitled "Be Comfortable with it," after attending the Bata Fashion Weekend in Prague. The article traces the company from its origins to the present day, and sees the author express his excitement at the company's new direction and wealth of history.

After providing a detailed history of the company, Salvador describes his experience of attending Bata’s first ever fashion weekend in Prague, in the Czech Republic. He explains how attending the Bata Fashion Weekend led him to discover “a history so rich and impressive that you will want to own more than just a pair of Bata shoes,” citing, among other examples, the company’s involvement in sport, such as making shoes for Magic Johnson, and sponsoring the football World Cup in Mexico in 1986.

The article also praises Bata’s innovative approach to its runway shows during the Bata Fashion Weekend, which featured members of the public rather than professional models, during the launch of the company’s new manifesto “Me & Comfortable with it.” Salvador writes: “In clever fashion, the main event opened with models wearing a pair of Bata shoes from the Spring/Summer 2017 collection. On the runway, each model changed into a second pair of shoes that created a entirely different look. Models went from towering pumps to two-toned sneakers, ballet flats to pumps with pussy bow details, multi-strapped heels to moccasins, while male models switched from boots to canvas sneakers.”

In closing his article, Salvador gives perhaps the strongest indication of how great an impression the Bata Fashion Weekend made on him and his views of Bata as a brand. In his final paragraph, he quotes the words of Roberto Longo, Bata’s president of Asia Pacific, during his presentation of Angela, the company’s target customer, where he stated: “Our mission is to satisfy Angela today, and to make sexy comfortable and comfortable sexy.” Salvador, after quoting the passionate speech from Longo, concludes: “Clearly, there is a need to make room for shoes that are made with these principles in your closet.”

The full two-page feature is available to download as a PDF below.

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