Bata in the News: Mega Magazine’s Five Reasons to Buy Bata
Bata in the news

On June 1, Mega magazine, the top fashion magazine in the Philippines, published an article entitles “5 Reasons Why Bata Should Be in Your Shoe Collection,” in conjunction with a two-page feature on the company, printed in the June issue. In the article, chief editor Suki Salvador lists five reasons that, in his opinion, mean every shoe fan should own at least one pair of Bata Shoes.

The article was written after Salvador spoke with Bata’s President of Asia Pacific Roberto Longo at the Bata Fashion Weekend, where the pair discussed some of the company’s greatest strengths, as well as its vibrant new direction.

Among the reasons given by Salvador for buying Bata shoes is that “Bata shoes are beautiful and sexy.” He writes: “When you see soles that say ‘Made in Italy,’ you know the shoe is going to be sexy because Italian shoes are synonymous with beauty and sexy. Since 1997, Alberto Del Biondi and his eponymous design firm have been designing Bata shoes including the top selling Bata Flexible range. He leads the Bata design team together with the best stylists, pattern makers and last creators from their head quarters in Venice, Italy. Need more convincing? Bata sells over 200 million bootyful shoes a year.”

Other advantages given in the article for people to buy Bata focus on elements of Bata’s new manifesto “Me & Comfortable with it,” as Salvador points out that Bata shoes are comfortable and affordable, meaning women do not have to choose between being gorgeous and wearing shoes that allow their feet to feel good as well. He also notes that, as the manifesto states, Bata does not believe all women should conform to society’s opinion of how they should look, and believes in celebrating differences.

The final reason the article gives as to why everyone should own at least one pair of Bata shoes actually has nothing to do with the shoes themselves, providing instead an excellent example of the company’s values. Under the heading “Bata Has a Heart,” Salvador discusses the fact that, since its early days, Bata has always believed in focusing on its employees and the areas in which it is present, and highlights the more than 1,200 initiatives undertaken by the Bata Children’s Program since its inception.

The original version of the article can be read on the Mega Style website here.

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