Bata Fashion Weekend: A Peek Inside the Pressroom at Phill’s Corner

Bata Fashion Weekend was not only one of the most glamorous events in Bata history – it was also a great networking opportunity for everyone, especially journalists and bloggers.

The BFW’s target audience included the press, marketeers, collection managers and other industry professionals, as well as the many consumers with an interest in fashion, culture and lifestyle. The publications and social media platforms of BFW have a large following in and outside the industry and aim to engage consumers with inspiring content on trends from the catwalk and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks into the making of a fashion weekend.

This event, held in Prague on April 22 and 23, provided a great opportunity for the press and bloggers to deepen their connections with Bata, get exclusive insights and meet the top executives of the company in an informal, stylish and pleasant setting.

In order to facilitate this meeting, a pressroom was set up in Phill’s Corner, a unique space connected to La Fabrika, where the main events took place. Phill’s Corner was the information hub, a place where reporters and bloggers could file stories as well as have one-on-one interviews with Bata’s top executives.

To make journalists and executives feel welcome and make the work of covering the event easier and more pleasant, between interviews and meetings the attendees could indulge in carefully selected finger foods, pastries from the Danish bakery, smoothies, fresh juices, premium coffee, select wines and other delicacies, away from the sometimes frenetic event.

"The pressroom was where the journalists, bloggers and TV personalities could find the latest news about what our teams are working on at every desk, across each continent," said Bata’s global marketing manager Jana Barbati Chadová. "They had access to press releases, advance interviews with executives, facts about the company, contacts for requesting information and all the executives to ask for comments.

"I personally found it a very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, a perfect mix when you need to meet with journalists to explain our company strategy for the coming years, as well as other details like design and new upcoming projects."