Bata Czech Republic Introduces New, Improved Bata Club

Bata Czech Republic launched its first loyalty scheme in 1999, and for long time it was the only such program in the shoe industry in the entire region. To celebrate its coming of age, it recently underwent a relaunch with a clear target: to provide even greater contribution to the business through higher consumer satisfaction.

The Bata Club in the Czech Republic has over 1.5 million registered users, and more than 300,000 active members. The new club brings more emotion and passion to this community, along with a new visual style and Europe-wide logo. The new structure is based on points and status principles, meaning that club members collects points for every purchase, with one Euro spent equalling one point.

By collecting points club members reach a certain status, which provides extra benefits like anniversary gifts, free delivery for all online orders, or special long-term discounts on all highest-tier purchases. Details are stored electronically, meaning that benefits can be applied immediately, and customers are able to check their club status online.

Registration now takes place in real-time at cash desks in stores or on the web, and all that is needed is a name and e-mail, making the process simpler than ever. New members also receive a bonus in the form of gift points for registering, and also receive double points for all purchases of children’s products. In addition, a new “Platinum” tier has been added, allowing the highest-spending club members to be given an extra level of benefits.

In order to provide the most up-to-date features, the new Bata Club uses new system architecture with a new CRM platform provider. The same platform was selected for the whole of Europe, meaning that club members can collect points not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also in Italy and, eventually, all European countries where the loyalty program is running.

Communication with club members takes the form of transactional mailing, a post-purchase email thanking the consumer for their business and informing them about points collected, current status and vouchers available for their next purchase. In addition, club members also receive campaign emails, featuring product offers based on their purchase history, enabling suggestions to be accurately tailored to each club member.

Data is analyzed via a number of methods to provide precise segmentation, allowing for improved personalization of offers to club members. These include deterministic segmentation, where members are classified into different groups according to spending, frequency and recency, as well as cluster analysis, which groups consumers based on their behavioral profiles in terms of purchasing records.

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