Bata Chile Welcomes CEO Alexis Nasard

On March 20, Group CEO Alexis Nasard arrived in Santiago, Chile for a five-day visit. His main goals were to check out the company’s latest collections, review the projects developed for Chile and Latam, and discuss Bata’s corporate strategy.

Justo Fuentes, president for Latam, and Hernan Vizcaya, country manager of Bata Chile, accompanied Nasard on a tour of Bata stores located in the capital’s most important shopping centers.

During his stay, the team presented Nasard with two key projects developed in Chile for Latam. The first, dubbed Bata Winning Merchandise, is a tool that will make estimates of demand more precise, taking as a baseline sales history over recent years. The second project is a new point of sale, or POS, system that will improve store sales and the main management tool used at stores.

The commercial and administrative teams of Bata Chile also had an opportunity to have an exchange with Nasard. The CEO highlighted for them Bata’s 2020 Strategy with a value proposition to delight consumers.

Gigiola Casaretto, Bata collection manager, commented, "The visit of our CEO in Chile allowed us to show him the improvements and innovations we have incorporated into our products."