Bata Best Sellers: Through-and-Through Bata Shoe Is No. 1 for Colombian Students

Bata Colombia produces a casual and comfy shoe that is highly popular with young students. It is a champion of the Verlon brand, the school shoe market leader in the country.

The project, called Ilario, is made locally in Bata’s Manisol factory in Manizales. This offers many advantages, including the ability to reorder stock and control quality standards.

Ilario has been a best seller of every school season for the last six years. It was originally offered only in white, but given its success, for four years it has been available in black as well. These are the main two colors Colombian students wear.

Ilario is sold through all of the local company’s commercial channels, giving it maximum exposure: retail stores, wholesale, catalogue and export.

The casual shoe is perfect to take children throughout their day, from the school commute to the classroom, to gym class and extracurricular activities. The simple design makes it suited to a variety of everyday circumstances.

As of mid-July, 23,592 pairs had already sold this year. The article has a 58 percent margin.

“Ilario is a flagship product from the Bata Colombia school collection,” commented collection manager Angela Maria Zuluaga. “It is made at our own factory, and that gives this product added value not just for our customers but also for our sales staff, who are proud of our Verlon brand and our factory.”