Bata Best Sellers: Taylor is On-Trend in Singapore

In May, Bata Singapore launched an up-to-date fashion shoe that has won over the country’s teens and young women. The laser-cut sneakers look and feel just right for the hot climate.

The shoe, called Taylor, is available in the season’s trendy colors: pink, gold, white and black.

Jennifer Lee, senior women’s collection manager at Bata Singapore, talked to Bata World News about Taylor’s appeal.

“A good pair of sneakers brings you to new places,” she said. “Who doesn’t love a pair of versatile shoes? You can match them with anything, and that makes life so much easier.”

It is hard to go wrong with sneakers, and Taylor stands out from the crowd for those who want to be comfortable and look edgy.

In 2017, women and girls can really play around with their sneakers. Lee says these can go with anything from jeans to skirts to shorts. She also suggests wearing Taylor with flared or bodycon dresses.

“If you are feeling more girly, you can match them with a midi pastel skirt for summer vibes,” she explained. “Not a girly person? Fret not, you can match them with high-waist denim shorts. Heading to a party and want something you can dance away the night in? Pair them with a bodycon dress and you are ready to go!”